Club Penguin Times Issue #317 – CJ Party Construction, New Ninja Stage + More!

We are nearing November 24th – the start of the Card-Jitsu Celebration! Construction has already begun and the newspaper has some new bits here and there on what to expect. Check it out…

Card-Jitsu Celebration Party Construction

Ninja’s and construction workers alike are teaming up at the Stadium to prepare it for the epic battles it will see at the Card-Jitsu Celebration party next week.

The Stadium is being turned into an epic Card-Jitsu Battle Arena for the party with reported HUGE battles expected! Head on over to the Stadium and get your construction on – you can earn a stamp by Jackhammering there 😉

New Ninja Stage Play

In honor of the Card-Jitsu Celebration Party there will be a special new stage play coming! “Battle of the Ancient Shadows” beings Nov. 24th and will honor each element – fire, water and snow – with its own unique animal costume!

“Choose your animal costume and wear it behind the paper screen. Your costume’s shadow form will be revealed at the Stage on Nov. 24th.”

Sensei on the Wilderness

(Ahh yes – another ‘Sensei overlooking’ type picture, I remember the original picture like this back in Nov. 08′. That seems like ages ago…)

When Sensei was asked about what he learned in the wilderness, amongst others, he had this to say…

Poo – just more stuff to speculate on. CP has been playing their cards close to the chest when it comes to Card-Jitsu Snow. But I’m still sticking to my snow/ice storm theory 😉

However, did anyone catch the snowy mountain behind the Volcano:

Upcoming Events



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