Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Celebration Party Cheats

The time has come, we must make the elements stronger! Use your Card-Jitsu All Access Pass and start your ninja journey…

The island is broken up into many different parts for the Card-Jitsu Celebration Party. Some of the rooms are fire or water based; the others are just Card-Jitsu based!

Fire Rooms

The first fire based room is the Town, here you can pick up a free Fire Headband before starting your Fire Ninja journey:

Waddle over to the Dock and Beach for the other fire rooms.

At the Dock you can go through the big fire pillars and into the Ninja Headquarters (Members Only).

Water Rooms

The other half of the island is “water based”. Make sure to get your Water Headband before starting your Water Ninja journey:

Waddle through the big water pillars and you’ll also end up in the Ninja Headquarters.

The Snow Forts: Where the Elements Collide!

The Snow Forts is where the elements collide in harmony – fire and water. You can access the Fire and Water Dojo with your All Access Pass. Or you can face off in the Stadium in a huge Card-Jitsu battle arena!

The Stadium: Card-Jitsu Battle Arena

In the Snow Forts both elements met in harmony – but in the Stadium is where they collide in a big Card-Jitsu element battle!

Pick your side; water or fire. Then stand on an element, the element with the most penguin’s gets unleashed.

It’s played like a normal Card-Jitsu match, but its a lot more epic! So for example, if 1 penguin is on snow (on the water side) and 6 penguins are on fire (on the fire side) when the elements get unleashed fire obviously beats snow, so fire will get 1 point! The first to three points wins.

Ninja Headquarters 

(Member only room)

The Ninja Headquarters is a secret room beneath the island (I think?) and can be accessed at the Dock or Forest. In the Ninja Headquarter’s both elements are celebrated and each have their own ‘side’.

If your looking for some action then don’t leave the Ninja HQ yet; because you can play a little friendly “Fire vs Water” snowball game.

Pick your side then wait for the game to start.

The point is to hit your elements targets (so if your on the water side; hit the blue targets and vice versa). Don’t hit your opponents targets because then they’ll get a point!

Whenever your side wins you will unlock the Training Plates (both fire and water plates are unlockable, you just have to play twice on each side and win).

Alright penguins, you know what you need to do – train hard and become a Fire and Water Ninja. Help grow the elements before the party is over on December 6th.


Check out these links below for help.

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CLICK HERE for Card-Jitsu Water help

CLICK HERE for how to beat Sensei in Card-Jitsu Water



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