Major Club Penguin “Snow Drift” Server Glitch

UPDATE: Issue only happens on the server Snow Drift!

There appears to be a huge Club Penguin server glitch; everyone is blue, has no items, and apparently, is 15K days old! Take a look:

Also, no ones player card will load and after about 2 minutes I lost connection.

Happened to me a few times,
Anyone else having this issue?



10 Responses

  1. yeah same here. it wont let me log in 😦

  2. dear lux1200 can i be a author for your blog

  3. and by the way i dont wanna be a author for you i bet you still hack bye

  4. I went on snow something and i just turned blue! It says im not a member and i have nothing!!! Im freaking out! Glad same thin happened to u so its not just me!

  5. o.k this is getting really annoying now, club penguin needs to sort this out NOW

  6. Yeah, this is getting annoying. they have to fix this problem fast!

  7. I wnt on Snow Plow and I turned blue, lost my membership and have no items. I reported the bug to CP today.

  8. Also Ice Shelf

  9. Oh thank goodness. I thought I would die!

  10. ya me to but i got the sensei stamp 🙂

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