New Club Penguin Cheat Site is Launching Tomorrow + Coin Code Giveaways!

You’ve waited long enough and its finally time! When you come to this site starting tomorrow you’ll experience a whole new way of getting your Club Penguin cheats. To kick it off I will be giving away FIVE coin codes throughout the day! Scroll down for the times and a website teaser!

Coin Code Giveaway Times

  • Coin Code 1 – 6AM PST (9AM EST)
  • Coin Code 2 – 9AM PST (12PM EST)
  • Coin Code 3 – 12PM PST (3PM EST)
  • Coin Code 4 – 3PM PST (6PM EST)
  • Coin Code 5 – 6PM PST (9PM EST)
PST = Pacific Standard Time (aka Penguin Standard Time); EST = Eastern Standard Time
For more time zone conversions click here.
Like all other coin code giveaways I will post the code at the top of a post at the specified times. The first person to unlock it gets it. Remember to have CP open in another window and have a cleared cache (however this can some times slow down CP because it has to reload all over again). Good luck!
See you on the new site ~L~u~x~

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