Lux Leprecons Club Penguin Army!

Here is all the News and Info on my new Club Penguin Army, the Lux Leprecons! Below is the latest news and info. I will have a website with all this info soon…..

November 1st 4:26 PM Penguin Standard Time – Lux Gives Out The First Info On His Army

I have picked an Army name, a Member and Non-Member outfit and now I have a Sneak Peek and a teaser vid for ya!

Club Penguin Army Q & A

Q: What is the Name?

A: Lux Leprecons

Q: Why did you pick the name Leprecons?

A: Well, my theme color is green and they have Leprecon Items on Club Penguin

Q: When can we sign up?

A: Soon, very soon! I will have an official date soon….

Member Outfit

here is the Member outfit for my Army! If you dont have all these items, were the ones you do have!

Non-Member Outfit 1

Non-Member Outfit 2

if you dont have any of those items wear something green or just wear these colors:

Lux Leprecon Colors

wear those 2 colors or any other green color!

Teaser Video

More coming soon….

“Quote Lux”


That is all the info for now, check back soon for more…

~Lux1200 President~


378 Responses

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  2. cool u rock number 1

  3. Kewl!
    id like to join!

  4. Which sever is the lux lepercons going to be on

  5. […] Go To This Page For More Info About The Army Click On This Link: Lux Leprecons Club Penguin Army! […]

  6. great post buddy can I be an author on ur site cuz i just noticed that fanocp is an author so unfare

  7. […] Go To This Page For More Info About The Army Click On This Link: Lux Leprecons Club Penguin Army! […]

  8. u guys look cool why dont ya check out

  9. where do you find him

  10. ILL JOIN

  11. I WANT TO JOIN! what server do u go on?

  12. i will join

  13. i want to join badley

  14. ill join but i dont have all that outfit because i missed those catalogs.


  16. I want to join, are you accepting applications? I was a co-founder of the Yellow Club Penguin Army until it’s collapse this year. I have ambitious plans and currently own the rights to the entire server of Vanilla. If interested please let me know at my address.

    I have the non-members outfit, and I also have contact with a band of spies which rent themselves to armies to go and spy on other armies. Their services are available if need be.

    Please let me know.

  17. i will join in which server is the army located ?

  18. Can i join plz i want to go on intense battles ill do what i can


  19. Hello people just a reminder


  20. i want to join

  21. i have that outfit but i want to join can you tell me where you go and wat server you go on please

  22. sweeet i have the colors but not the outfit….sooo cant wait u rock

  23. heyy u could use my site for the army i use it but no one visits lol=[
    so if u dont want to create a new one u can use it
    i want to join lol
    sounds funnn

  24. i join

  25. i join but i am not member

  26. wat server???????

  27. Omg Im a member of Club Penguin And I want to Join the Lux Leprachauns! Can I? I have a bunch of items. Im not that rare but im sorta.I have green leprachaun Items so Can I join! Thanks Bye!


  28. ACP rules!

  29. hi wen r u lot on club penguin???

  30. Im not a member but i wanna join ur army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can u tell me what time ur on a lot and what servers

  31. hello my name is tricky700 im a previous member of the fallowing armys:acp,uma and dung army please let me join and im irish to.

  32. im a member but i have none of that stuff

  33. i will join you for sure. i have the things for the non member outfits. Maybe you should make some divisions like air and sea. air uses propelllor hats, while sea uses snorkels

  34. Cool! ill join!

  35. i want to join what time,server,and what place?

  36. Cool I’d like to join but what time, server and room?

    ~Lux1200~: Details of our first meeting will be coming soon but u can still register for the Lux Leprecons under the link on my sidebar. 🙂

  37. Dude dont join forces with Ryno. My army beat him and he has no servers. He only has like 4 soilders. And its definitly not worth it. Btw Can I join? Cool site!

    ~Lux1200~: Yep…You can still join the Lux Leprecons by clicking the link on the side bar and filling out the form!

  38. What? Wheres the link?

    Lux1200: here is the link
    and here is the link to the sign up form

  39. i dont have the big glasses D: TToTT

  40. TT^TT i didnt have enough ticketssssss D:<<<<< ……………………………… Its OK to be diffrent -Life tip from Kumi

  41. Yea can i join cause i have the items for the member picture.

  42. Can I be a spy?

  43. can i join i want to be a spy

    Lux1200: Absolutely! Just click on the Lux Leprecons page on the left sidebar and sign up! Meeting and battles will be happening in Jan 09!

  44. how do you sigh up

  45. can i join

  46. can i join?

  47. lux, would you like to form an allience with the club penguin warriors. i just made my site and i need some help.the cpw territory is the whole lighthouse,beacon and all.if you decide to, email me at

    doomdude1000 over and out

  48. i joined but i dont have all the member outfits
    is that ok?

  49. i will join where what server what time

  50. can u email when u start



    four friend

    – sunny kittisack

  51. Can I join because I have all the member items you have in that picture. I like to wear the 07 leprecon hat though.

  52. Just to inform you that there is a new Club Penguin army called the Red Rampages. I think there leader is Andrewf2. I dont know where their base is.

  53. Hello lux i really want to join the lux leprechauns Today i will be on the server frozen all day and tommorow too and i will be dock town or iceberg my name is bert0831 hope you can add me too

  54. Hi lux,
    Do you want to team up with my army, if you do, email me at


  56. hw do you sine up

  57. I wanna join
    Username: superi1
    Army clothes: Have 0 Colours have 2
    I am a member.

  58. hey can i join?

  59. visit my site

  60. can i join i log in at icebox

  61. i will join

  62. Cool i will join nice army!

  63. I think i have more green stuff too. I’ll join!

  64. […] and he had a big Christmas give away! With codes and memberships! To visit his army click here . He also has a pins page with information on all pins ever released untill today, of course visit […]


  66. Im gonna join where do we meet?

  67. Sounds pretty cool. Maybe we can be allies 😉

  68. awesome! ill join!! LUX ROCKS!

  69. ive only got a green belt the green glasses and the 2 green colours those are the only green stuff i hav

  70. ill go to cp rules

  71. ill go to .cp rules!

  72. I’ m so joining im a big fan of you lux!!!

  73. lux,lux,lux……a war is brewing and if you stick with acp lets just say your army isnt going to last long. But if you put on your blogroll and join us.
    We get fame you get victory its a win win situation. I would hate to see such a promising army go to waist.
    united we stand divided they fall
    -yankeefan 46

  74. ill join!

  75. You’re spelling the word Leprechaun wrong!!! It is spelled: L-E-P-R-E-C-H-A-U-N!!!!! Leprechaun!! Look it up in a dictionary! It’s spelled leprechaun!! Anyway, how do I join?

  76. Lux1200: Yes, I am aware it is spelled wrong, I did he Leprecons spelling on purpose, but thanks for pointing it out 🙂

  77. Can I plz join? Plz plz plz plz plz! How do you get there to sign up?

    Lux1200: Go to and click sign up!

  78. I read yankeefan46’s message he sent you. Don’t give up!

  79. Lux i need you! Whenever i try to sign up, it tells me that the profile was not found. What happened? I wanted to join your army. Answer me plz!!!!!

  80. Thanks Lux! I’m now a member of the Leprecons!When’s are first meeting? Please answer!

  81. I saw some ACP arny members at Mammoth at 1:45 p.m. I shouted “Lux Leprecons RULE!” at them. I dont know if they want to be allies because i ran to the plaza right after that and did not know what happened next.

  82. HEY I WANT A TOY CODE LUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  83. is it 2009 because i just sighned up soooo byeeee

  84. hey!
    i want to join your leprecons plz can i?!
    i want to join!!!!!!!!!:):)

  85. were is the next meeting what server and when please reply

  86. were is the next meeting why arent u replying lux i wanna know

  87. can i wear what i have that’s green

  88. hey lux for the army when we wear our uniform what pin and background do we use an another thing i added you to my blog so can you plese help me make my website

    your buddy

  89. wen will it be done

  90. lux… hi im andrewf2, leader of the army FGR. If you make me another co leader, ill help you make a Lux Leprecons site, contact me if your interested, contact meh at

  91. I have joined Club Penguin Ninjas army!
    the dojo and hideout is our territory!

  92. cp ninjas army has lost and crumbled

  93. I have joined Lux leprecons now!

  94. when and were are the battles

  95. lux i will join but………
    i only have the green glasses 😦
    can i still join?

  96. huge puffle prty Fri. down under 7:00 pett shop!

  97. I joined the army! I can’t wait to fight! Everyone visit these two sites and comment!

  98. gouil

  99. gouil will also join your army lux

  100. can i join please im not a member thow

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  102. Hey Lux, i just joined the “Team” and i was woundering what sever is this on? Showbow963 Over And Out.

  103. Yes i know you said when the Meetings/Batles would be happening but…i really would like to know on What Sever.Please Lux get back to me on this.

  104. P.S sorry i speled Battles wrong

  105. PPS sorry i spelled spelled wrong and so i Don’t screw up any farther i will stop leaving comments for the time being.

  106. Hey Lux1200. Could I be commander of your site? I’m already a seargent in the Military of CLubPenguin and Lt. General of ClubPenguinMarinez.. Click my name to see the site.

  107. I joined Lux Leprecons Today!!!!!

  108. Lux1200 you rock! This is my first club penguin army. Thanks for letting me join!!!!!

  109. i just joined

  110. email me at plz

    P.S do u have MSN?

  111. do u go to war with the nachos…….
    thats bad luck for me if u do……. im in the nachos

  112. [ in irish accent]. Aye Lux,i be a l Leperchon in real life aye, so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  113. Oh and another thing, long as i be kicken you shall not get your hands on me Pot O’ Gold

  114. hello im new

  115. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  116. [ in irish accent] Aye frinbalb how did you find the site?

  117. hi everyone im back

  118. you will never get me pot of gold p.s kiss me im irish

  119. i have a 4 leaf clover who wants it u have to find me first im irish

  120. bye lol

  121. [in irish accent]. Aye Frinbalb ye be forgetting some thing,it is i who be the leperchon,not you so think about that laddy.

  122. [in irish accent] Aye who the shell [- h] are the nachos lad?

  123. Aye i made a mistake shell [- s] sorry that be my bad.

  124. O and Frinbalb irish ye are not.

  125. O and Frinbalb irish ye are not. remember that laddy?Aye so once again put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  126. hi lux im leprecon sighned up

  127. showbow im the real lepercon so put that in your pipe and smoke it laddy

  128. yo dawg im a gangster lepercon wat up dawg

  129. hey lux can we team up??? i can let u be in the higher ranks of the army the url is:
    hope u can join!

  130. Frinbalb i WILL run up to my dads and get my bee-bee gun and i might just have a accidental discharge in YOUR direction. NOT kidding.!!! P.S Frinbalb i know who you are, you live in my neighborhood remember?So my Point is YOUR no Leperchon Gangster, And im no Leperchon

  131. [In IRISH accent]Aye Frinbalb i almost forgot,[wich i did indeed forget]How do you know how to talk irish or did ye just copy off me lad???

  132. [IN AMERICAN ACCENT] Waz the 411on the 911 G?O let me guess this old guy was choking on a sticky bun? LOL


  134. What Server will we be at?

  135. im part of lux lepricons army i use to be in another army i dont remember his name but i was a sargent.


  137. hi where do get the hats and glasses from for non -members plzt ell meeeeeee 🙂 ;(

  138. Go to for awesome games and contests!

  139. can i wear a dragon or shamrock hat?there green…

  140. can i wear the new l lepricon outfit onn cp there green?

  141. to lux1200
    can i please wear the new lepricon outfit on cp like thats green?

  142. hey lux can i join i dont have that but i have alot of green things im a member

  143. My army is the tornado troops, at
    can we be allies?

  144. i would like to join,just i dont have the uniform,but im a member

  145. hi

  146. dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadad? wierd name.

  147. Hey Lux and fellow lux leperchons,thier are ACP guys on mamoth in the ninja hidout; Lets go show them who rules!

  148. thats is true coolguylll. what a wierd name dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadadada. really what kind of a name is that?

  149. yo lux it’s me your friend Zack masters

  150. hey l am a lux lepracon so fellow lux lepracons meet tommarow a 11 o” clock at the dojo

  151. ill join cos im irish ive been in 21 different cp armies

  152. Hey Lux I want to quit the Lux Leprecons because I am making my own army called the “Pink Bunny squad”. If anyone wants to join, you can find more info soon at Hope to see you in my army! I’m going to make territory on Snow Board Iceberg.

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  154. Pie rox o hey look a FOX! o no its stealing my food BAD FOX BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. i would like tojoin

  156. cool i just joined

  157. i want 2 join aswell

  158. How does your army fight?

  159. I’m all alone!

  160. I want to know hoe you’re army fights too

  161. I mean how

  162. Ive joined and Im also helping RED REBELS! (CPGA)

  163. hi im frinbalb

  164. i am a good army fighter grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

  165. hey mooney

  166. hi austin and as long as im still kicking youll never get me pot o gold

  167. duqagh uhisgvy aerfbaweui;

  168. what are u doing

  169. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii austin

  170. Hello Lux1200,

    Plz Visit this Site http://matt26187 and plz visit my Nachos Army Site at
    hope you like it GO NACHOS

    Waddle On


  171. (tri)(dead)(dead)(dead)(dead)(mewtwo)(mewtwo)

  172. yes
    whens our first meeting

  173. i want to join,man!

  174. Lux add My Cp Cheats To UR sIR pL

  175. Lux1200 Add Me To Ur BlogRoll Please

  176. Please go to for an awesome army!!!!!!!! plz plz join

    Note to author: Please submit this comment

  177. ya lux200 i think i saw you?? =o

  178. lol thir a vido thir a kid little kid go carzy =]] haha

  179. your play club penguin or not?? =l

  180. ill join!!!
    im part of aswell!!
    im weirdo on it!!

  181. i am the best

  182. Can please go to my site lux?

  183. i have another army,but i can join in your army plsssss!!!

  184. you spelled leprechauns wrong! shesh……

  185. oh cheese wizz! bye bye ferie!!!!

  186. Can I join?

  187. Sweet can i join? what time and sever do we go on?

  188. i completed the form, so what server and time and day?
    waiting for your response, brooke 876

    I think i messed up on the form. im realy sry!!!!! i’ll email you what my real form is. SORRY!

  189. Lux, I think you should make a army site.
    Pages to start with:
    * Home
    * Our Servers
    * Ranks
    * Shop
    * Uniforms
    *Lux Leprecons


  190. Hey again Lux1200 and fellow Leprechauns! I joined a while back and I just realized… What’s happening with teh Leprechauns? So, I’m guessing this army is/has been closed. Sorry for teh delayed reaction! D: Cya! 😀 😀 😀

  191. wait,is this an official army like the nachoz or acp?

  192. i bought some of the items in the series 2 book or one book so i could have the member outfit

  193. and can i join please!?!?!?

  194. Hey Lux! I love green its my main color too!! You rock!!



  196. pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    ad ucpa to your allies.
    its located at

  197. can u remind me when the army is ready?
    P.S. i wanna join your buddy list!!

  198. thats cool!but anyone can join here?:

  199. anyone can join here? : click here!

  200. search club penguin ice warriors army on google and join today.

  201. i wanna join!im a gurl but could i join plz!

  202. Hey Lux Leprecons. We are the leader of the Club Penguin Attackers. I was wondering if you would want to be allies? I hope your evil because we are. If your not you should consider it because you can do whatever you want. If you are interested go to this site:
    Hope you want to be our allies! We are strong.

  203. COOL! I wanna join!

  204. How do I join? What server do you usually go on? I saw you before.

  205. how do u join?!

  206. omfg i just met him two mins ago hes frickin awsome we went sledracing lux your so f^^^ing awsome

  207. join some of ACP’s worst enemies in the ARMY A.C.P.E at

  208. SO let me get this straight . U guys are the ppl on sasquatch ?

  209. please can i join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am a member of the spys for club penguin and have a few recruits that want to join 2. i can give you information about the spys and know the answers for the test! i am not a member thogh. please letme join

  210. i want to ill tell you where the night vision goggles are they are at the secret agent catalog and press the fish book flip to that page and press the glasses not the buying thing the picture for glasses and poof there it is

  211. Did you stop the Lux Leprechauns? You haven’t done any thing with it. But if you do start doing things with your army, I’ll join 🙂

  212. ^ Me too. ^

  213. Hi waz up this website is awsome!!!!!!

  214. hello lux may i join the “LUX LEPRECONS” im a non-member is it ok to wear that clover ha and wear the dark green color

  215. hi, I wanna join, oh, and, I have a few letters for u to read…

    not Eletrons
    Own things

  216. P.S. my cp name is alissa6, but u can call my penguin crazy

  217. plz go join the camo marines at im a adminastrator on there so you might meet me!

  218. Hey Lux1200 I Was Wondering I Was In Your Pictures With Lil Awesomes Party And Please Add Me I Will Guard You With My Life In Battles Your A V.I.P I Will Serve You I Am A Spy ill Join Enemys To Think I Help Them Learn Their Secrets During War With Us ill Tell You Then Their Headquaters

  219. hello i got banded forever and cp dose not let me get unband and im really upset it wont work when i try to get a new account so can you please get me a account try to get me a member because i was a member if not a non member i dont care i just want a account email me at

  220. oh yeah and i did not hack someone hacked me 😦

  221. Sucks For You Crosby But You Can Ask Them To Unban You Once Dont Spam It Worked For Me


  223. um i dont know but ill join i am a non member and i only have the green color and the glasses

  224. You should sign your army up for CPAD :

  225. hey lux how do i get in the leprocon army thing post back please im a huge fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seya!

  226. can i join please!!!!!!but i dont have much things that are green 😦

  227. al least the leprecon army is cool!!!:)

  228. at i mean because i typed too fast

  229. but now i have lots of green things already!!!!:)

  230. im gonna start an awsome army if u wanna join u have to be a secret agent and a member. i will start this army on sunday on the server iceberg in the room snow forts

  231. i wana join ur army

  232. i wana join ur army

    from batista

  233. 118 u rule

  234. yes he does

  235. hey lux how to i become a leprecaun i REALLY wanna be in the army plz tell me how to join

  236. I’ve heard of ghost armies on club penguin…but never leprecon armies…what exactly is a leprecon army anyway, Lux?

  237. thats sad…one of my friend shared a webkinz account with me, and i trusted her…and she hacked my account… 😦 …so she changed her password so i couldnt get my missing item back…so i changed my password today so she cant get on my account…but tommorow im going over to her house…and im going to demand (in a very nice way) my item or maybe items…im missing some of my other items too…i know one she took for sure cuz she admitted it…but at least she cant hack my club penguin account.

  238. If I knew what the leprecon army is maybe Id’d join.

  239. Wow that sounds pretty cool. Maybe I’ll join sometime.
    ~Sophie 🙂


  241. You probably meet Lux online sometime to be a part of the leprecon army.

  242. oh

  243. if i can, can i join?And can you somehow make a lux 1200 tracker or something? BTW I usally go on CP around 3:00 PST North pole


  244. cool. i normally go to south pole or southern lights…or crunch or beanie…most the time mammoth ice berg or matterhorn though. 🙂

  245. is there anyway i can join without giving away my email?

  246. will you email us to let us know when does the next meeting start and what time and whick server????

  247. Sing me up!

  248. I mean sign me up not sing… sorry

  249. which*

  250. anyway can you add me too?im your huge fan also!!!

  251. plese make me army tommorow at slushy and i will say uknow what and you say tommy and the time is 2:50pm bye

  252. id love to join dudes

  253. i want to be a lepricahn

  254. sign me up tomarow dude

  255. sign me up to can we be elfs to?

  256. i dunno…leprecon/elf army sounds fun. 🙂

  257. lux i already in your army right?

  258. how do i put my penguins picture on here?

  259. theres the little picture there on the right side and i dunno how to put my penguins picture there.

  260. my sister says i should join the leprecon army…but i cant give away my email…could u just email everyone else and then just leave a comment saying when it is about a day before…cuz i look for new cheats on this site almost every day.

  261. lux your teaser video was removed

  262. 😦 i wonder why it was removed…

  263. CP FOREVER!!!!!!!

  264. YA.

  265. @tabby i went on ur site it rocks. 🙂

  266. can i join i was in acp but the time for wars were always too late so can i join acp is green too so i have half the outwit already

  267. I think this is the best site ever and can I join?

  268. umm am i too late to join?

  269. Am I too late to join?!

  270. already joined

  271. well that has inspired me to make a new club called
    ninja mayhem 😀


  272. PS. if u want join just say your name and go on club penguin on mamtth right now and ever day
    my name is red boy9 im the leder

  273. i wanna join. plz?

  274. join what

  275. mine or lux

  276. Hello im Trouble73 and im starting an army the army is called the joker squad all you halft to do to join is get a robber suite on and look like an evil clown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now the joker squad kill steal kidnap and frame! ps the joker squad are trying to destroy hq agents and acp!

  277. red boy can i join ur army of ninjas?

  278. dude ill join my names muchwano15

  279. i have shamrock hat is that ok if i wear that i will get code for tux also

  280. can i goin im in permafrost

  281. fire dojo!!!

  282. battlin

  283. my computer is hacking its self ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  284. done

  285. […] Lux Leprecons Club Penguin Army! […]

  286. hey cool advice 🙂

  287. ill join

  288. i joined

  289. Just to let you know u will be in a tournament coming up soon


  291. RUBBISH!
    AND LOOK OUT FOR Bolt3791

    well JUST LOOK OUT!

  292. Dear Lux Lepercon Club Penguin Army,
    My name is ______________ and I just wanted to tell you that I own my very own Club Penguin Army called the Club Penguin Cyber Force… And just yesterday night some of the Lepercons interrupted my meeting with my force so now both teams have decided that the Lux Lepercons and the Club Penguin Cyber Force are now officially enimies… Just to give you warning,
    ~Blueprince15 | CPCF Leader

  293. Lux I don’t know you but I would join but I’m starting my own army the gold army hope we can be allies ill be taking over yukon

  294. Hello lux just to warn you i have an army too. my armys name is the Club Penguin Assasins, there are 100 people in my army!!!Lux mabey we can be allies or enimies? or we could put eachothers army together and call it the Club Penguin Leprecuan Assasins?

  295. Lux rule ACP sucks! i met them once, and I almost jaoined them

  296. Lux rule ACP sucks! i met them once, and I almost joined them!!!!!!! D:

  297. All of those other army’s better keep watch for the Lux Leprecons we shall make them wet their penguin pants!!!!!!!

  298. ide love to be in the army i have some of the items you have to where if you want to email me email me at tell me your name because im going to make a gang heres a decription of what you have to look like
    1.where a red cape
    2.where the adventurer face paints
    3. be black
    4.where any thing on your feet
    5. where a under water adventurer outfit and thats it if you want to join email me and say your penguin name and witch server you go in if you have an email put that on and ile email you and youle find out if you in it or not so you better email me so see you then ps if you dont have the selected cloths tell me

  299. Goo,Leprecons i will be in the army my penguin name santalun8000,member,cool style,old…


  301. can u plz give me a toy code plz plz plz becuase i need one

  302. Can I please join the army? I am a fan of yours and I really want to join a CP Army. I have tons of green stuff.

  303. Oh and im sorry but I dont have all of the idems you are asking for. Its the members one. So can I just wear anything green?

  304. hello its me again bolt3791 NBA will take over
    nba have plans on taking over the ice rink oh no i told you my hyper secret plans…
    go there comment on your blogger account and tell me why you have done this site and not a blog????????
    well see ya round then!

  305. I recently started a site that will be lots of fun. It is called the super hero academy it is sort of a role play thing. I would love t if some ppl joined and told their friends… It has nothing to do with cp or a cp army it is just fun! here is the site…

    copy and paste that into you’re browser! see you there soon!

  306. Q: What is the Name?

    A: Icecube92337

    Q: Why did you pick the name Leprecons?

    A: I Love Your Work And I Love Green =D

    Q: When can we sign up?

    A: Um idk what i am supposed to say o_O

  307. Hi, I want to join your army, i can be a army spy, a troop, a marine (i am a underwater troop) or you assistant

  308. name:king77645
    what the guy above me said:)

  309. u guys suck u cant evn call ur self an army the acp is the best army around and ps green is the acp color dooshbags and plus leprechauns ar for fags

  310. Hello Lux1200 can i join in your website please

  311. Hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello, I think I’m done. Well,web:)

  312. hello we do not like a server that you own and we will battle

  313. actually sorry about that comment.Do you want to merge armys

  314. You seem like a nice person. Clubpenguin might have a new background with ME CADENCE in it! I might see you in Music Jam or with Aunt Arctic in Penguin Play Awards.

  315. Cadence!! Stop spoiling stuff! Your giving it all away! :3

  316. Girls, please stop fighting.

  317. i want 2 join.but i dont have the whole member outfit and yes i am a member.

  318. hey Lux can I join Your Army Here Is Some Info About me below
    Criminal Record:No
    Green Stuff: or Surfing shirt,Sheild,Hat,flippers,scubatank,goggles.
    Any Other Armys:No
    Days Old:almost 900
    Real Name:Cody Crumb
    Real Age:10

  319. Hey guys i’m making a new army called the Blue Tornadoes and the first people who join can automaticly be a solider but later on you have to start as a minion and you have to look like the ones from Despicable Me. I’ll comment what to wear on another comment

  320. hey..i visit your site quite often…please visit my site too! 😀

  321. join the water worriors

  322. Hello We Would Like To post your site on our site to get more views we think it is fantastic we just need your approval go to and comment yes i give you permission.

  323. THE EPF ARMY is planning to create the biggest war club penguin has ever seen. Most of you will know that ACP are the biggest army on cp. I would like to start a war with them using every single army we can get our hands on. You can help by sending messages to every army you know and asking them if they will join us and take over ACP’s main server (which is breeze). We need to get as many penguins as possible together to fight ACP and to defeat them. We really need your help on this so please talk to every single army you know and ask them to help. I am hoping to put all the armies that agree to help in an alliance which will be known as THE DELTA ALLIANCE. So please help. Get as many armies as you can to join.

  324. It is actually spelt Leprechaun…. not leprecon..


  326. hey lux when is the next meeting?

  327. please i love the idea but i dont know how to do it please help

  328. My name is Dog Woof and I really need help! I just made a new site and I need hits. I’ll add you onto my blogroll if you add me on yours! I HAVE A COIN CODE AND A RARE MEMBER PENGUIN.

    I’ll put you onto my blogroll!

    Thanks a bunch!
    Dog Woof

  329. how do u join???
    cuz i wanna be a solider

  330. hi lux can u give me membership on cp for free

    email me code plz

  331. Lux can we wear other things my name is Bob F15 and I wanna join lux leprecons so can I wear diffrent things?

  332. can we be allies
    i am leader of green empire
    please answer me here

  333. hi i jond erlier
    when are we going to war???

  334. me join

  335. cool army

  336. hi lux

  337. Hello Lux1200!
    Why don’t you make these trackers on the side of the screen like.

    1.Lux1200 Tracker
    2.”Lux Leprecons Army” Tracker
    3.Candence Tracker
    4.Sensei Tracker
    5.Rockhopper Tracker
    6.Gary Tracker
    7.Billybob Tracker
    8.”The Penguin Band” Tracker
    These 2 are my questions for you
    1.Could i be your assistant?
    2.Can i be your friend/buddy at “Club Penguin”
    Lux1200 your great to be a hero/famous penguin at “Club Penguin”.
    Cause a great penguin is a great hero/famous penguin! One more thing i like to join your army but i am a NON-MEMBER is that okay?

  338. Can me and Amc0821 join cause both of us are freinds

  339. Wow Lux1200 has an army? I WANNA JOIN!


  341. Guys Someone please Tell me how to Join then Army Because i watched YodaAds Video and HE WAS IN!!!


  343. Be allie with


  345. to tell the truth i dont like how you changed the site it looked better when it was green

  346. i want a war and a base or i get all my buiddes and me to quit i mean it and a server you need better gear war war war war war war war war war war p.s.all my buiddes are in

  347. Please visit my

  348. i got a army on my website to and awesome cheats

  349. can i join to?

  350. Can I join?

  351. =O

  352. That rocks dude!!!!!

  353. My army is called midnightknightscp and the site is: . Visit if you want to.

  354. lux1200 my blog is just like yours except u need to subscribe to my blog and i subscribe to your+i need help on trying to get LOTS OF PEOPLE TO COME TO IT LOTS OF PEOPLE DO COME TO IT BUT I NEED MORE…GO TO KAWASSIBLOG

  355. Hey Lux,if u want me to join, I have a questions.

    Question 1:
    Is there a possible way I can be a General? (Any kind.)

    Until we meet again,

  356. Hey Lux,if u want me to join, I have a question

    Question 1:
    Is there a possible way I can be a General? (Any kind.)

    Until we meet again,

  357. Don’t bother looking at my first comment,it was a typo


  359. Can I be some kind of leader if I join??

  360. No really can I join cause I have the clothes and I’m a member and I’ve been waiting my whole life.

  361. cam is my name is cam is.

  362. i wanna join you but im not a member, i will wear green color,but why are you making an army?

  363. can i join and i am a member 2

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