Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Celebration Party Construction – New Pin and Amulets for Everyone!

Construction has started for the highly anticipated Card-Jitsu Celebration party starting next Thursday!

Card-Jitsu Celebration Party Construction




Amulets for Everyone!

Great news non member penguins – you can now get your Amulet! Go pick one up at the Ninja Hideout, they’ll only be available to everyone until December 6th.

New Pin

The new Blue Fish Pin is located at the Snow Forts.



Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Field Op Assignment #56

Sensei has sent Gary a message telling him to expect big changes on the island during the CJ Celebration Party!

Check it out in this weeks Field Op:

EPF Assignment 56

Click on your Spy Phone then click “Go There” for easy access to the Command Room.

Read your orders from G then go to the Cove.

Stand all the way at the end of the water (right in between the chat bar and catalog icon – by the grey floaty thing) for your Spy Phone to ring!

Click on your Spy Phone then click “Engage”

In this mini game you have to match the object with the object pictured – it’s pretty simple but here’s how…

Click the object that matches the picture on the top right — try and be as fast as possible, the box in the bottom right tells you how long you have left.

Once you’ve filled up the bar at the top you’ll have earned another medal.

Gary says our Spy Phone’s will be functional in up to 200 degrees Kelvin!

The only thing that could bring that kind of cold is a big snow/ice storm 😉 Another hint at a December/January CJ Snow release!


Club Penguin Message from Rookie – November 17th

Rookie was excited to meet Sensei…

…but I don’t think Sensei can say the same for Rookie =P


Club Penguin Times Issue #316 – More Card-Jitsu News and Theories!

Sensei has announced some new news surrounding the upcoming Card-Jitsu party which leads me to some new theories 😉 Check it all out below…

Some great changes are underway for Card-Jitsu. As many of you already know during the Card-Jitsu Celebration Party, Card-Jitsu Fire and Water will be available to everyone. Sensei will be giving every penguin their own amulet and the Ninja Hideout will be open to all.

“A time of great change is upon us,” Sensei said. “The elements are growing in power, and we must grow with them.”

Sensei goes on to say the party will reveal many new secrets and that we need as many penguins as possible to play CJ Fire and Water. He also announced some of the changes that will happen, include:

  • Sensei will no longer decide who we battle, we will all play on the Card-Jitsu mats to level up.
  • The Card-Jitsu mats will soon be available in our igloos.
  • Sensei foresee’s these changes will help us learn faster (aka level up faster).
This is all exciting, but flip the page and check this out:
…”One amulet is a drop of water. Many amulets may become a storm.”
This leads me to my theory.
With all of the penguins playing Card-Jitsu over the course of the Celebration Party, many new penguins will become Ninja’s and thus get their Amulets. Like it says in the newspaper quote above; many Amulets may become a storm. So with the elements growing because of all the new Ninja’s, I believe that a big storm will come (possibly over the Christmas Party) and drop tons of snow. Then some other stuff and finally CJ Snow – yea I know; its a little sketchy right now, but we don’t know much yet so gimme a break 😉
Have your own theory? Leave it in the comments!
But before we change topics, check out these secrets about Sensei:
And it sounds like Sensei is currently roaming the island…
If he is indeed greeting penguins, I will post Sensei Trackers!
Pufflescape Excites Explorers
In other news, Pufflescape has been getting lots of attention at the Pet Shop! The game has something for both explorers and collectors alike! It even has some special ‘key’ stamps that help you save your progress. Once you’ve earned one of these stamps it will unlock all the levels you’ve finished to that point.
Upcoming Events

Club Penguin Better Igloo’s November 2011 Catalog Cheats

The 2011 November Better Igloo’s Catalog is here and has some awesome new Card-Jitsu/Ninja related items! Check it all out below.

Make your igloo look like a Dojo now more than ever, these three new items are pretty sweet…

  • Ninja Gate – 700 Coins
  • Paper Screen – 475 Coins
  • Bonsai Tree – 350 Coins
  • Lanterns (Green, Blue, Red, Yellow and Purple) – 30 Coins each
  • Bamboo Stalks – 175 Coins
  • Noodle Stand – 300 Coins

  • Window – 600 Coins
  • Coffee Table – 300 Coins
  • Scoop Chair – 650 Coins
  • Burgundy Couch – 500 Coins
  • Burgundy Bookshelf – 450 Coins
  • Burgundy Chair – 300 Coins
Create Your Own Furniture
CP has updated the Create Your Own Furniture with new items, colors and designs!
Click the brown penguin standing by the Ninja Gate for the Ninja Cauldron (150 Coins).
Click the word ‘Ninja’ for Training Dummy (500 Coins).
Click the word ‘Each’ Modern Chair (700 Coins).
Click the yellow lantern for the Modern Couch (850 Coins).
Click the small middle window pane for the Wall Clock (450 Coins).
Click the center of the Scoop Chair for the Green Birdhouse (200 Coins).
Click the bottom shelf of the Burgundy Bookshelf for the Blue Birdhouse (170 Coins).
Click the red lollypop for the Terrifying Tissue Ghost (150 Coins).
Click ‘230’ for the Control Terminal (800 Coins).
Click the word ‘Bats’ for the Iron Chandelier (600 Coins).
Click the Wall Pumpkin’s stem for the Cauldron (630 Coins).
Click the Wall Ghost’s mouth for the plasma Ball (550 Coins).
Click the word ‘Spooky’ for the Laboratory Desk (700 Coins).
Click the Laughing Lantern’s eyes for the Perched Puffle Statue (275 Coins).
Click the Glowing Grin Lantern’s face for the Candelabra (650 Coins).
Click the third stone in the stone wall for the Crystal Ball (350 Coins).
Click the Antique Clock for the Torn Carpet (100 Coins).
Click the first light in the Jack-O-Lights for the Tombstone (300 Coins).
Click the top right light in the Haunted Mansion Cut-Out for the Pile 0′ Goo (50 Coins).
Click the front door of the Haunted Mansion Cut-Out for the Spider Web (75 Coins).

Click the sign on the Food Stand for the Stainless Steel Stove (700 Coins).

Click the trash inside Fluffy’s mouth for the Comfy Crab (275 Coins).

Click the Captain Cut-Out for the Feeding Bucket (60 Coin).

Click the star farthest to the left on the water trough for the Plush Grey Chair (560 Coins).

Click the plant on the boss’s desk for the Computer Desk (900 Coins).

Click the 3rd locker for the Classroom Chair (150 Coins).

Click number ’75′ for the S-Curve Ramp (230 Coins).

Click the word ‘Half-Pipe’ for the C-Curve Ramp (200 Coins).

Click the yellow slushie knob for the HD TV (1,000 Coins).

Click the slushie knobs for the Freewheelin’ Foam Pit (800 Coins).

Click the number ’3′ for the Sloped Wall (120 Coins).

Click the trophy for the Snow Wall (150 Coins).

Click the Snow Fortress Wall for the Icicles (150 Coins).

Click the Ski’s on the Ski Rack for the Vert Ramp (350 Coins).

Igloo Upgrades New Flooring
Sadly, no new Dojo type igloo; just some new Dojo-like flooring.

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Field Op Assignment #55

CP Elite Penguin Force Field Op #55 guide below!

Click on your Spy Phone then click “Go There” for easy access to the Command Room.

Read your orders from G (another Pufflescape related Field Op!) then head on over to the Pet Shop.

Waddle over to the plasma ball in the bottom left corner and your Spy Phone will ring.

In this Puzzle you will need to power up the Chipset!

Guide the micro chip to each station (they are silver and have arrows pointing to them). Some have a lock in front, if they do just move the micro chip to the key then back to that station. You move the chip by using the arrows on your Key Board!

Move the micro shop to each station then wait for it to charge (will have a green light once charged).

When moving the micro chip through the maze watch out for the red things, they will shock you and if that happens you’ll have to start all over again! Ig they have their arm/grabber thing extended to where your about to move don’t go there because you will get shocked!

If your micro ship is low on battery (you can tell by the green bar in the middle, you can not charge the stations if the chip is low on battery) then go back to the center piece to recharge!


New Club Penguin Game: Pufflescape

After many hours of testing Pufflescape in the Beta Team section, the final version has launched and is available at the Pet Shop!

In the game you can use your own puffles to play with, or, if you don’t have any you’ll be ‘provided’ with a white puffle.

To those who have played Pufflescape before, the controls have not changed. If your playing for the first time check out the instructions above!

While in the game, if you get stuck you can press the notepad symbol at the top left. However, in order to unlock this feature you must collect atleast one Berry-O.


With this new game comes new stamps! Earn the 11 following stamps by completing challenges in Pufflescape.